Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hope for families from God's love

2012-03-21 L’Osservatore Romano
The secret of the problems of families and their solution lies in the Crucified One. It is Mr and Mrs Danilo and Anna Maria Zanzucchi who say so. They have been charged by Benedict XVI to write the meditations this year for the Way of the Cross on Good Friday at the Colosseum. They have behind them a long experience of service to families across the world and, together with Chiara Lubich, are the founders of the New Families Movement which they directed until 2008. In this interview withL'Osservatore Romano they review several stages in their life and explain the ideals that inspired them.
“In the face of such an important task”, Danilo said, “our first reactions were of wonder and trepidation, for we did not feel equal to it”.
Anna Maria offered an interpretation of the Way of the Cross: “In reflecting on the Cross, we felt that not only the Church but the whole of humanity is caught up in this mystery. It is also clear how much Christ  must have suffered, like any human being but with the sensitivity of a God”.  She gave us a foretaste of some of the topics they develop in their reflections for the Way of the Cross. “In our meditations “, she said, we have sought to convey our impressions of what Jesus lived in those moments, seeking to actualize them in the light of our own experience. It was not of course easy because we stand before such a great mystery. Yet we firmly believe that the secret and the solution to family problems lie in the Crucified Jesus. Christ on the Cross gave meaning to the pain we must face”. 
And, lastly, she addressed a message to all families who are going through a difficult moment: “I would just like to tell families in difficulty that we too have had our problems. Our marriage was born from reciprocal love like the marriage of every husband and wife. It is this spark that nourishes marriage. However, this love is sometimes extinguished because of many factors, it remains hidden and is forgotten, but its initial impetus lives on although it is smothered by the worries, misunderstandings and dramas of daily life. It must be rediscovered in the light of the love of God which unites. Christianity, in fact, brings two people who seek to love God and to love each other to be at once united and nevertheless distinct."

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